Gingrich Defends Trump and Destroys Pelosi’s Leadership

As the Mueller witch hunt drags on for the second year and waste millions of taxpayer dollars every single day, true patriots everywhere are getting sick and tired of the charade that the Democrats are pulling.


Ever since the 2018 special elections, newly minted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has gone on TV every day and undermined Trump and proven that she will obstruct him making America great again at all costs.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich stopped by Fox News’ ‘Hannity’ on Thursday to defend President Trump from the witch hunt investigation that has Democrats frothing at the mouth.

“This isn’t an investigation. This is an act of hate.”

He went on “This is basically saying that if you work for Donald Trump as a private citizen, we are going to destroy you.”

Hannity and Gingrich then talked about just how extreme the far-left has gone in this country under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership. He focused specifically on this new anti-Israel faction of the left.

“This shows you how strong the forces of the left are now. … A lot of the younger, militant members, whether they are anti-Israel or not, they are deeply opposed to Nancy Pelosi trying to exercise any discipline. … She’s clearly losing control of the House.”

This is what centrist Democrats in this country need to realize – their party is being taken over by extreme left-wing Democrats and it will not end well.

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