During WH Reception, Trump Hears Chants of ‘Four More Years!’ & His Response is Perfect

The White House hosted a Hanukkah party on Thursday afternoon with guests who included a number of Holocaust survivors, among other friends and acquaintances of the President. The party was postponed from its original date so as not to conflict with the memorial of George H.W. Bush.


During his short speech at the event, President Trump honored George H.W. Bush once again for his lifetime of public service.

“This week, America is grieving the loss of President George H.W. Bush, who is being laid to rest today at his library in Texas. Yesterday, Melania and I were honored to attend the state funeral at the National Cathedral and pay our respects to the entire Bush family.”

He added that the memorial services was “a beautiful tribute to President Bush’s noble life and public service,” adding, “We will always remember this great statesman and American patriot.”

At the end of Trump’s speech, he looks out into the crowd as they continue to chant: “Four more years! Four more years!” They are clearly showing their unwavering support for our President.

Trump adds in a quick note before leaving the podium: “We’ll go for six, and then we’ll all be in very good shape,” he says laughing to the crowd.