Reporter is Stunned When Melania Reveals Secret Meaning Behind Red Christmas Decorations

First Lady Melania Trump spent hundreds of hours designing the 2018 White House decorations for the whole world to see and enjoy.


She finally revealed them early this week to much fanfare as well as much criticism. Most people loved the beautiful displays that took hundreds of volunteers several days to put up.

Naturally, liberals hated her decorations, calling them tacky and unrefined. Specifically the red topiary trees lining the east colonnade. Many twitter users spent several days mocking her.

Luckily, Melania is not phased by such criticisms and let people know that they are entitled to their own opinions.

Then, during a White House tour with a Fox News reporter, Melania revealed why she designed the trees red in the first place.

“You can see the color red. It represents bravery, heart, and patriotism.”

Incredible! So next time before liberals jump all over her with criticisms, maybe they should ask the meaning behind the color.

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