Trudeau Blasts Trump’s Trade Deal Then Gets Destroyed By Trump & Peña Nieto

During Friday’s G20 Summit meetings, President Donald Trump, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and outgoing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto officially signed the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) which serves as the updated NAFTA trade deal.


Just prior to the signing, all three leaders spoke briefly on the importance of the deal and how it will effect their respective countries. During his speech, Prime Minister Trudeau passive aggressively slammed the deal by referring to is as “the new North American Free Trade Agreement ” or “the new trade deal.” Not once did he refer to the deal as “USMCA,” a name coined by the Trump administration.

“The new North American Free Trade Agreement maintains stability for Canada’s entire economy – stability that’s essential for the millions of jobs and middle-class families across the country that rely on strong, reliable trading relationships with our closest neighbors. That’s why I’m here today,” said Trudeau.

At the end of the signing, both Trump and Peña Nieto smile and hold up their copies of the newly signed USMCA deal. Trudeau does not. 

Trudeau’s disrespect turns on him though, because President Peña Nieto – who speaks after Trudeau – goes on to use the correct name for the USMCA in his speech. In fact, Peña Nieto praised the deal which he said,”is the first trade agreement that incorporates elements that address the social impact of international trade; it enables the participation of more sectors in the economy.”

Both President Trump and President Peña Nieto declared the support for the USMCA and made Trudeau look even more pathetic than before. Trump even took the high ground in the end:

“This has been a battle, and battles sometimes make great friendships,” he said just before the signing. Trudeau just nodded quickly.

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