Trump & Melania Share Adorable Moment Together Before Departure to Buenos Aires

On Thursday, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump departed the White House for Buenos Aires, Argentina for the 10th annual G20 summit. President Trump will be engaging in a weekend of meetings with other world leaders from the world’s 20 biggest economies. It will surely be a tiresome and stressful weekend for both of them. 


Just prior to the departure, the President and First Lady shared a loving moment with one another as they ascended the steps to Air Force One. When Trump reaches the bottom of the stairs, he waits for his wife before proceeding. The two move up the stairs together with hands around each other. About halfway up, Trump looks over and gives his wife a quick kiss on the cheek. She responds by putting her arm around him and smiling as they make their way onto the plane.

It’s little moments like these where we can see how much these two care about each other. Just little acts of love between husband and wife. It’s good to know that despite media and leftist attacks, Trump and Melania both continue to care deeply for one another.

Earlier this week, as both were invited to the annual Christmas tree lighting, President Trump gestured to Melania saying, “Let’s light the tree. The first lady will do the honors.”

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