Angela Merkel Calls Trump Unpatriotic in Front of World Leaders & Faces Instant Humiliation

Sebastian Gorka, former White House adviser, sharply criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her comments on worldwide migration. Although her comments did not mention President Trump directly, they were absolutely directed at him and his policies. 


Merkel suggested that President Trump is someone who things he can solve problems on his own and that he “represents nationalism in its purest form, not patriotism.

Over the weekend, during a guest appearance on Fox & Friends, Gorka stated that it was “absolutely outrageous” that Merkel publicly lecture the U.S.

“It was America’s nationalism that saved the world from the Nazis from the Third Reich and the imperialists of Tojo’s Japan,” he said.

“[Merkel] has done more as one political individual to undermine the national sovereignty of the nation states of the EU than any other member,” Gorka told the hosts.

It’s no wonder Angela Merkel won’t be seeking re-election in 2021. She made the official announcement last month during a news conference in Berlin.

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