After Lighting Christmas Tree, Trump and Melania Share Adorable Moment Together

President Trump and First Lady Melania hosted the annual National Christmas Tree lighting today in Washington, D.C. 


This year marks the 96th annual ceremony since its inception in 1923 when President Coolidge lit the first tree just south of the White House.

This year’s celebration is marked with a 28 foot tall Colorado Blue Spruce trucked in from Virginia. The tree is adorned with 75,000 LED gold, silver and white lights.

Trump and Melania joined the bash just after 5pm after artists including the Beach Boys and Jack Wagner finished performing. Kathy Lee Gifford and Dean Cain introduced them as they walked up on stage.

President Trump tells the crowd “Merry Christmas” several times and begins the countdown to light the tree.

As the crowd reaches ONE, Melania pushes a button and the brilliant tree lights up with beautiful colors.

Trump then reaches out for Melania’s hand and the two walk hand in hand to their seats where they joined the crowd and listened to Christmas music while gazing at the gorgeous lights. They are bright with Christmas spirit!

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