After Liberals Insult Her Christmas Decorations, Melania Comes Out and Humiliates Them With Kindness

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled her White House Christmas decorations on Monday to much buzz from the liberal media in America.


The media immediately pounced on the decorations, namely some red Christmas trees, calling them tacky and making fun of her design decisions.

This is the second year Melania has designed the decorations for the White House and each year the liberals in this country will attack them because they are angry she is in the White House.

Despite the insults, Melania remained classy and poised as she responded to the critics during a town hall discussion on the opioid crisis in America.

“It’s the 21st century and everybody has different tastes, I think they look fantastic.”

She then went even further and what she said next is sure to infuriate liberals everywhere.

“I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real life, they look even more beautiful. You’re all very welcome to visit the White House.”

This is the best response she could have given these angry people that will seemingly find anything she does and attack it.

Later on during a speech at Liberty University, Melania told the crowd that she believes the media in this country focuses on unimportant things such as Christmas decorations. She wishes they would focus on the strides the Trump administration is making on the opioid epidemic as well as her personal project, the “Be Best” campaign, to help children grow into successful adults.

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