Trump Has Three Words for the Caravan, and It’s Not What They Want to Hear

President Trump held a Make America Great Again rally this evening in Tupelo, Mississippi where thousands of his supporters had gathered to greet him.


Trump was in town to stump for U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith as she faces Mike Espy in a special runoff election for U.S. Senate.

Trump immediately brought up the dangerous migrant caravan.

“Are we doing OK on the border, folks? Not gonna have it. … We’re not letting people come into our country unless they’re coming in legally.”

This is something that is completely lost on the Democrats in this country who want to let anyone and everyone in to wreak havoc on our economy and our safety.

Midway through his speech, Trump dropped a truth bomb on the world about the dangerous migrant caravan that rushed the southern U.S. border yesterday, forcing the military to deploy tear-gas to push them back.

“We’re sending a clear message to the caravans and the trespassers ‘Turn around and go back home.”

He then went on to ask a question that liberals in this country need to ask themselves.

“Do you ever notice they say they are coming up and they want protection because their country is such a bad place, but they’re waving the flags of their countries as they’re walking up? I don’t know, somehow that doesn’t look right does it?”

Trump makes a brilliant point here and immediately the crowd chants “build that wall! Build that wall!”

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