As He Hands Out Water Bottles After Hurricane, Trump Reaches Out and Does the Incredible

Both President Trump and First Lady Melania traveled to Florida today, where they toured the wreckage and aftermath of Hurricane Michael.


Upon arrival to the hurricane ravaged area, Trump and Melania took an aerial tour of the area in Marine One in order to better survey the damage that had been done.

“To see this personally is very tough. It’s very, very tough. Total devastation. … The job they’ve done in Florida has been incredible and likewise I’m hearing in Georgia,”

Trump then told his security detail that he wanted to assist the FEMA crew on site and hand out water bottles to the citizens directly affected by this vicious storm.

Once again proving that he is a man of the people, Trump and his wife Melania spent at least a half hour handing water bottles out to many hundreds of people who waited in line for a chance to get clean water and a handshake from their hero.

Several people asked Trump for a picture with them, which he happy obliged. 

Then, a teary eyed grandmother came directly up to Trump and leaned in to thank him for being there and for committing to help the people affected by this disaster. Trump put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and assured her that he will not rest until Congress designates funds to help all of these people.

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