After Liberal Reporter Interrupts Him at Briefing, Trump Unleashes Her Worst Nightmare

President Trump and First Lady Melania headed down to Florida today, where they toured the wreckage and aftermath of Hurricane Michael.


Trump congratulated and thanked the hard working men and women of the first responders and the military for helping their fellow Americans in their most dire time of need.

Upon arrival to the hurricane ravaged area, Trump and Melania took an aerial tour of the area in Marine One in order to better survey the damage that had been done.

“To see this personally is very tough. It’s very, very tough. Total devastation. … The job they’ve done in Florida has been incredible and likewise I’m hearing in Georgia,”

Next, Trump left for central Georgia to survey the damage there. Shortly after landing, they visited a Red Cross center filled with people who shared their accounts of loss from this devastating storm.

During a press briefing at this Red Cross, Trump assured those in attendance that he would be asking for millions in disaster relief aid in order to help them get back on their feet.

While he was discussing the loss these people suffered, several reporters interrupted him with questions about climate change and whether he felt these storms were caused by it.

“For a long period of time, we’ve had very few (hurricanes). I have a home in Palm Beach, Florida, and frankly, for years, we had none. And then, the last couple of years we had more. Hopefully, we’ll go back to many years of having none. We’ve been hit by the weather, there is no doubt about it.”

Trump immediately shut them down and humiliated them in front of the whole room.

“I want crystal clean water. I want the cleanest air on the planet. … When you talk about environmental [aspects] I am truly an environmentalist. … I have the cleanest air and I’m going to have the cleanest air, but that does not mean we have to put every one of our businesses out of business. It doesn’t mean we can’t compete or we are not allowed to compete with other nations that aren’t doing what we are doing. We are competing very well. Our nation is the hottest economically on the planet, by far, even though we are very big.”

Liberals want to destroy businesses with environmental regulations but let developing nations like China and India pollute our oceans and our air without repercussion. It is not right and finally we have someone to stand up to them.

The reporter did not speak up after getting humiliated by Trump for interrupting him with a dumb question.

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