Pastor Released From Turkey Turns to Pray for Trump and Then the Incredible Happens

Andrew Brunson, an American pastor jailed in Turkey joined President Trump in the oval office today shortly after he was freed and released back home.


Trump was eager to meet with the man and excitedly introduced him to everyone in the room, praising him for his strength and resilience  shown during his two years in a Turkish jail.

“I just want to congratulate you because you have galvanized this country. There is so much interest, and it’s your faith, your strength, what you’ve done, gone through.”

The pastor was arrested in December 2016 in Turkey where he faced charges of being a member of Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO). Other charges included spying for terrorist group PKK and FETO. Both groups were behind the failed coup against Turkish president in July 2016.

President Trump has worked tirelessly since he took office to secure the release of this brave man and as soon as Brunson met with Trump, he continuously thanked him.

What happened next will go down in history.

Pastor Brunson told President Trump that he and his wife are so grateful for his hard work in getting him released, that he would like to kneel down right there and pray for him in the Oval Office.

“Lord God, I ask that you pour out your Holy Spirit on President Trump, that you give him supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country and for him. I ask that you give him wisdom on how to lead this country to righteousness. I ask that you give him perseverance, and endurance, and courage to stand for truth. I ask that you protect him from slander from enemies, from those who would undermine. I ask that you make him a great blessing to this country. Fill him with your wisdom and strength and perseverance. And we bless him. May he be a great blessing to our country. In Jesus’ name we bless you.” 

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