After Reporters Corner Her Spreading Lies About Trump, Kellyanne Conway Rips Them to Shreds

White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway was cornered by a throng of angry reporters today near the White House.


Over the past week, most of the people in the White House have had to defend Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh against unproven sexual assault allegations from Democrats trying to take him down.

The media has been quick to raise Judge Kavanaugh’s accusers to a God-like status without having much proof of their truthfulness. This was on full display today when they caught up to Conway.

Immediately, they asked her for a comment on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations and whether or not the President believes the allegations.

Conway was quick to remind them that the allegations brought forth by Dr. Ford are uncorroborated, and lack key details that would typically accompany accusations like these.

“Do you have corroboration for her claims? … Can you fill in her memory gaps and her factual inconsistencies? That is part of the evidence gathering process in any hunt for truth.”

The throng of reporters did not let up and continued to push Kellyanne backward closer and closer to the curb.

Conway continued to point out that Judge Kavanaugh has been nothing but cooperative in this process and she also reminded the reporters that it was very inappropriate for Senator Feinstein to withhold this letter until the 11th hour of the confirmation hearings.

The reporters then asked Conway to comment on President Trump’s statement at his rally Tuesday night and this is where she has had enough with the bullying tactics and she lets them have it.

“Do not put words in the president’s mouth. You do it constantly. … You all do it together.”

One reporter then yells over the rest and asks if it is appropriate for President Trump to laugh at Dr. Ford. Conway’s answer stuns everyone.

“Is it appropriate for me to be harangued on websites like yours and yours? Come on.”

She then walks away and leaves them infuriated that they could not get under her skin.

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