During First Solo Trip, Melania Brings Out Stunning Surprise for Children in Need

First lady Melania Trump embarked on her first solo international trip today as she traveled to Africa to represent the Trump administration to several countries there.


Melania will visit Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt in similar tradition to several first ladies before her.

The trip to Africa will help spread the message that the Trump administration feels the people of this great continent are important.

Melania first landed in Ghana Tuesday morning to much fanfare from the locals. A video shows people cheering and waving as she departs the plane.

First, Melania had a brief tea date with first lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo at the presidential palace “Jubilee House.”

Melania presented a gift of a signed leather case containing a White House tray. In return, she received a Kente cloth and African artifacts.

For Melania, the real focus of the trip is the welfare of the children of Africa. After meeting with the first lady of Ghana, Melania headed to a local baby clinic where she toured several wings of the facility meeting several happy babies along the way.

While at the clinic, Melania stopped to greet cooing babies and surprised them by handing out blankets to both mother and child.

While the Democrats continue to attack President Trump and Melania, they are both continuing to do good in the world and refuse to let their spirits be dampened by hatred.

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