After Kavanaugh Witch Hunt, Trump Reveals Sen. Feinstein’s Dark Secret She Never Wanted to Get Out

For the past month, the proceedings to confirm respected Judge Brett Kavanaugh have been illegally stalled by Democrats with a vengeance against Republicans.


Ever since President Trump nominated Kavanaugh in July, the Democrats have been frantically trying to find anything they can to smear his name.

With the few allegations against him from over 30 years ago, the smear campaign is on pretty thin ice, yet the liberals in this country continue to push it forward.

President Trump held a rally this evening in Johnson City, Tennessee where he spent time discussing the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh and how ridiculous it is that Senator Diane Feinstein waited until the 11th hour to release the letter from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in an attempt to derail the confirmation.

“Diane Feinstein, she had this letter for months and she didn’t reveal it until everything was finished. Then she reveals it and said ‘oh we want more time.’ Let’s see how it all works out but I will tell you what – they are trying to destroy a very fine person and we can’t let it happen.”

This is the question that no Democrats seem to be able to answer. Why did they not release this letter sooner during the confirmation proceedings? 

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