Trump Just Owned Reporter After Being Accused of Sending Negative Message to Country

President Trump held a press conference on Wednesday where he took a large chunk of his own time to answer all questions from the public. Trump is not hiding anything and was more than happy to answer reporters honestly and without hesitation. The conference went nearly 80 minutes and Trump was berated pretty much the entire time.


At one point, a CBS reporter tried to accuse Trump of sending a negative message to the men and women of America:

“About the hearing tomorrow, you were asked earlier by my friend from Sky News about the message that you are sending the women of the country. What about the message that you may be sending to young men? You’re a father. What does this moment we’re in, the cultural moment…”

President Trump looked up at the reporter and gave the ultimate reply:

“I could pick another Supreme Court judge, justice. I could pick another one, another one, another one. This could go on forever. Somebody could come and say 30 years ago, 25 years ago, 10 years ago, five years ago he did a horrible thing to me. He did this, he did that, he did this, he did that. And honestly, it’s a very dangerous period in our country.”

He also went on to call out Democrats on the dirty game that they’ve been somehow getting away with so far…

“It’s a game that they’re playing,” Trump told the room. “It’s a con game at the highest level.”

He ended with a statement that silenced the room and immediately made headlines. Mainstream media is trying to tarnish his image as always, but his words are completely true.

“Always I’ve heard you’re innocent until proven guilty. I’ve heard this so long. It’s such a beautiful phrase. In this case, you’re guilty until proven innocent. I think that is a very dangerous standard for our country.”

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