On His Way Back to White House, Trump Turns and Sees the Incredible Waiting For Him

President Trump and the Republican National Committee hosted a fundraising event at Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC Wednesday evening.


The liberal media were outraged that the price for attendance was $100,000 per person, which will go towards Trump Victory, a fundraising committee that gathers funds for Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign as well as the Republican National Committee.

The steep admission price will allow supporters to attend a roundtable event with President Trump as well as pose for photograph opportunities and watch him give a speech.

These events are important with the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections in November where Republicans are battling a blue wave of Democrat optimism and hoping to squash it.

After the fundraising event, President Trump and his motorcade headed back to the White House when Trump stuck his head out of the car and saw something incredible waiting for him on the side of the road.

Hundreds of supporters were gathered to watch his motorcade pass by on the way back to the White House. They were cheering and waving at their favorite President.

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