After Reporter Praises Woodward’s Book, Sarah Huckabee Stuns Everyone in Audience With Brutal Truth

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an on-camera press briefing today after an explosive week last week.


Of course, reporters were clamoring to attack her and the Trump administration as they love to do during these press briefings.

The media has continued to harp on the points outlined in the anecdotes described in veteran reporter Bob Woodward’s book that came to light last week.

Of course, most questions today were about the allegations in the book, which President Trump has called completely false.

One reporter would not relent on asking Sarah about Woodward.

“President Trump continues to call him a liar and says his book is completely a work of fiction. He has also mentioned libel laws quite a bit. Is President Trump considering filing a lawsuit against Woodward?”

Sarah’s answer stunned the whole room.

“Certainly keep you posted on that but I think we’ve been extremely clear from the beginning that many of the book’s sources have already spoken out to refute, a couple of them … pushed back aggressively … in the claims, and a number of people have come out and said that Woodward never even reached out to corroborate statements that were attributed to them, which seems incredibly reckless for a book to make such outrageous claims, to not even take the time to get a 10-dollar fact checker to call around and verify that some of these quotes happened.”

The room was dead silent and the reporters couldn’t believe that Sarah had actually called them out for their blatant lying in front of the whole world.

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