Young Teen in Tennessee Just Put the Entire NFL to Shame After He Did This For Our Veterans

The NFL Anthem kneeling controversy has gone on for too long in the face of backlash from football fans all over the country.


Thankfully, the NFL is finally taking a stand against players that use their job as a platform to protest our flag, but there are still those that think it is okay.

A young man in Tennessee put these kneeling players to shame this weekend when he did something incredible for our veterans and our country.

“A boy with braces on both legs was struggling to stand for the national anthem. The boy, identified as Avery Price, is seen hanging onto his father for support and the man pats his son’s back with encouragement.

Price is a 10 year-old from Tennessee who has a condition making it difficult for him to use his legs. He did not let that stop him from standing as soon as he heard the anthem being played before a demolition derby at the Putnam County Fair.

The woman who recorded and posted the video, Leah Norris, applauded the young man and wanted to show others the video of his incredible patriotism.

“This goes to show that If he can stand for his country, so can you,” she wrote in a social media post.

Do you think people should stand for our Star Spangled Banner?

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