After Reporter Questions NK Meeting, Trump Unleashes Her Worst Nightmare on Live TV

President Trump made history yesterday by being the first United States president to sit down for a meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong un and reach a denuclearization agreement that will be taught in history lessons for generations to come.


While in Singapore, Trump held a press conference where he briefed the media on what was discussed and signed behind closed doors.

He detailed that North Korea has destroyed their missile facility as well as their primary nuclear test site and that the United States retains the ability to apply sanctions if we see fit. This is an incredible deal for us.

Then, he went on to answer a reporter who was questioning the validity of his denuclearization deal with this incredible takedown.

“Jennifer, when you look at all those things we got and we got our hostages back, I didn’t pay $1.8 billion in cash like the hostages that came back from Iran, which was a disgraceful situation, what took place. So we’ve gotten a lot [in return].”

The Iran nuclear deal was an incredibly bad deal for the United States and Trump refuses to be bullied by other world leaders.

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