As Trump Motorcade Arrives for N. Korea Summit What Happens Next Will Go Down in History

President Trump left the G7 Summit Saturday to head to the historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong un in Singapore.


Trump and Kim Jong un will meet on June 12th at the city-state’s Capella Hotel. It will mark the first time a sitting United States President has met with the North Korean leader.

Air Force One landed at Singapore’s Paya Lebar Airbase early Sunday just hours after Kim Jong un arrived at the Changi Airport.

As President Trump made his way to the Shangri La Hotel where he will prepare for the historic summit, something incredible happened that no one expected.

As his motorcade turned the corner, Trump heard deafening cheers from onlookers who were applauding and thanking him for his incredible achievement that will go down in history.

In the video, you can clearly hear both Americans and non-Americans cheering and praising President Trump.

The world will anxiously await the outcome of this summit and we all cheer President Trump for his ability to bring people to the table to talk.

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