Trump Just Started the G7 With a Bang That Has World Leaders in Shock

On Friday, President Trump headed to La Malbaie, Quebec for the anual G7 summit. Before leaving Washington DC, Trump spoke with reporters and gave G7 nations a few bold words of caution.


“Look, all of these countries have been taking advantage of the United States on trade. You saw what Canada charges our dairy farmers. 270% tariffs. We don’t charge them…”

Unlike past presidents, Trump refuses to let America be taken advantage of. He has promised that he will take the path less traveled if it means restoring fairness in trade for the United States. 

“We have massive trade deficits with almost every country. We will straighten that out. And I’ll tell you what, it’s what I do. It won’t even be hard. And in the end, we’ll all get along.”

Trump also was not afraid to let the other G7 leaders know that if a fair deal is not reached, he will not hesitate to end NAFTA. Trump will not fall for the games that other nations have tried to play. He is a business man and will make the best decision for our country.

“If we’re unable to make a deal, we’ll terminate; we’ll have a better deal. If we’re unable to make a deal, we’ll be better off… We are not going to live with the deals the way they are.” 

BOOM! Finally we have a President who refuses to back down!

Hopefully the other leaders at the G7 will take Trump’s words seriously and start giving America the respect it deserves. 

Are you proud of President Trump for standing up for his country? 

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