After Hillary Attacks Trump’s Iran Decision, Gorka Steps In and Reveals Her Worst Nightmare

President Trump made history last week when he officially pulled the United States out of the terrible Iran Nuclear deal made under former President Obama.


Anyone who is paying attention knew that this deal would in no way do what it was intended and that it would even make the world less safe by allowing Iran to essentially resume making nuclear bombs with impunity after 10 years.

As always, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, refuses to stay in the background and decided to criticize President Trump’s decision to get the U.S. out of the deal this week.

“Pulling out of the Iran Nuclear deal makes it harder to negotiate successfully with North Korea or anyone else. … Pulling out of that agreement makes America less safe and less trusted, and Iran more dangerous. … It would be much harder a second time now that our credibility is shot.”

Clinton made these comments during a recent trip to Australia. Fox News National Security Analyst Dr. Sebastian Gorka went on Fox News shortly after the comments to reveal Hillary’s true intentions and show just how far she has fallen.

“They live in this paranoid, alternate universe. Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State that we have ever had. From that plastic reset button that she took to Russia, after which they invaded their neighbors, to the disasters in Libya, this woman has not only the temerity to criticize a serving President but also to do so after her abysmal track record. She said we are now more dangerous from canceling the Iran deal? The Iran deal gave a state sponsor [of terrorism] billions of dollars that, at the time, the Obama administration admitted ‘well, yeah I guess some of that money will be used for terrorism.’ Ed, that’s insanity.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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