After Trump Turns to See the Incredible, He Pauses Rally to Applaud on Live TV

President Trump held an explosive rally in the midwest town of Elkhart, Indiana on Thursday afternoon. Crowds were lined up hours in advance just to get a chance to hear Trump speak in person.


Trump is riding high on a wave of recent victories, including canceling the ridiculous Iran Deal as well as welcoming back three American citizens who were released after being detained for months in North Korea.

“At 2:00 in the morning I had the incredible honor of greeting three brave Americans who had been held in North Korea and we welcomed them back home the proper way”

The president spoke about the recent embassy move in Jerusalem, as well as the incredible border wall that is currently being built on our southern border. The crowd was on their feet the whole time.

Trump also spoke about the upcoming mid-term elections, which are critical for Republicans to win because President Trump and his supporters will use these votes to continue to drain the swamp.

One of the best parts of the rally happened right at the beginning, when Trump walked out on stage and saw something that made him stop in his tracks and give a round of applause. Someone in the crowd was holding up a giant sign that read ‘CNN IS VERY FAKE NEWS’ right in front of the camera broadcasting to the world.

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