After Media Accuses Trump of Being Anti-Press, Sarah Huckabee Gives Them a Brutal Wake Up Call

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today to follow up the incredible news that North Korea was officially releasing three U.S. detainees.


This is reportedly a gesture of goodwill from the regime of Kim Jong-un ahead of the historic meeting that is to take place between Trump and Jong-un in the near future.

Despite this amazing news, reporters in the briefing launched immediately into negative press about the president.

There was non-stop criticism of Trump pulling out of the Iran deal, despite it being an extremely poor deal for the United States and the world. Sarah had this to say on the subject.

“We are 100% committed to making sure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons and until we see that happen we are going to continue to put maximum pressure and enormous sanctions on them. The sanctions that were in place before the deal are back in place and we are preparing to add additional sanctions that may come as early as next week.”

Many of the other questions were in relation to North Korea and the meeting that will be taking place between Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

Then, a reporter wanted to take the briefing in a different direction when they outright accused the Trump administration of not favoring a free and open press in this country.

“The president on Twitter today, suggested stripping journalists of their press credentials. Is that a line that as press secretary you would be willing to cross.”

Instead of taking her baited question, Sarah steered the conversation to the place the media did not want her to go.

“I’m standing up in front of you right now taking your questions. I think a number of you have mentioned … on a number of occasions that this is one of the most accessible White Houses. We are very committed to a free press. … At the same time, the press has a responsibility to put out accurate information. Just yesterday, the New York Times accused the Secretary of State of being AWOL. AWOL! When he was flying across the globe to bring three Americans home. That is an outrageous claim. … There is a responsibility for you guys to provide accurate information. And we are going to continue to try to work with you.”

Do you think Trump treats the press fairly even though they don’t treat him with respect?

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