As Trump Leaves Event, Football Player Whispers in His Ear and Then the Incredible Happens

President Trump held a ceremony on Tuesday to celebrate the NCAA Champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team at the White House.


This was Alabama’s fifth title under strong head coach Nick Saban after the team defeated rival team Georgia 26-23 in overtime.

President Trump was actually at the championship game on January 8th and was excited to welcome the incredible athletes to the White House South Lawn.

After giving a brief congratulatory speech, President Trump shook the players’ hands. After this, Trump was presented with a commemorative “TRUMP” jersey by team captains Bradley Bozeman and Rashaan Evans. They also gave him a commemorative helmet.

After the ceremony, President Trump turned to leave but was stopped by former Alabama punter JK Scott who had decided on the trip up to the White House that he wanted to pray with the President at the ceremony.

It required some quick action for the two-time Ray Guy Award finalist working to be drafted later this month. Trump was shaking hands with a few players after leaving the stage.

“And he looked right at me,” Scott said.

Stepping forward to shake his hand, Scott made the request.

“I said ‘Hey, Mr. Trump, would you let me pray over you,” Scott recalled. “He said ‘Yeah, come on.”

A load of football players then gathered around Trump and everyone placed their hands on each other’s shoulders while a prayer was said.

“It had nothing to do with him being the President of the United States. It had everything to do with him being a man, just being a son. It went from praying for the president to a place of truly praying over this man because God wants to touch him and God wants to show him he loves him.”

What an incredible display of faith for all the world to see!

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