After Acosta Calls Trump Unprofessional, Sarah Huckabee Completely Ruins Him

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an on camera press briefing today where she discussed the Trump administration’s plans moving forward after the tragic gas attack in Syria, as well as other newsworthy events of the week.


There were several questions about the pardoning of Scooter Libby as well as the ridiculous raid of Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen’s offices earlier this week.

Another topic of conversation was the news of former FBI Director James Comey’s book and media tour which blew up this week. CNN’s Jim Acosta put his foot in his mouth after bringing the subject up once again.

Acosta referenced a Tweet by President Trump that called Comey’s ridiculous behavior out for what it is.

“About the content of the President’s attacks on Jim Comey, your attacks on Jim Comey – Isn’t all of that a bit unbecoming of the presidency; of this White House to go after him in such a personal way like that?”

Acosta was not expecting this fiery response from Sarah.

“I think it is unbecoming for the person that is supposed to be the top law enforcement official in the United States; the person that is supposed to protect the people of this country to lie and leak classified information, certainly to falsify documents. I think that is a very big problem and somebody who has created this problem for himself. I didn’t encourage Jim Comey to go out and do a PR campaign. Congress has asked Jim Comey to come and testify multiple times of which he has denied being able to do, yet he found time to sit down with George Stephanapoulos for five hours. I think if anybody has created this problem it is Jim Comey and he should be the one held responsible.”

Acosta was hoping to make Trump and Sarah look bad but it came back to bite him in the butt! Are you sick of Jim Acosta in the press briefings? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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