During Cabinet Meeting, Trump Turns to Lighthizer and Leaves the Room Crying With Laughter

President Trump met with Governors and members of Congress today at the White House where he discussed the situation in Syria as well as the recent tax cuts that have boosted the economy.


He also focused largely on trade with other nations and how that has affected our economy and, specifically, farmers in America.

Trump touted the fact that he secured a deal with Chinese President Xi to sell American beef in China after 14 years of not being allowed to do so.

US Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer, who has been hard at work since taking his post, has led a study that identified a pattern of chronic Chinese trading abuses including theft of intellectual property and trade secrets.

Lighthizer then went on to discuss his goals as trade representative and how pleased he is to have already met with most of the people in attendance at the meeting.

Trump then interrupted him and said “He’s working about 23 hours a day and he sleeps for one. Look at my man.”

The whole room burst into laughter at President Trump lightening the room. People prefer making deals with personable people and President Trump proves time and time again that he is a personable man.

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