After Student Spills Water at White House Meeting, Melania Comes to the Rescue

First Lady Melania Trump held a listening session today at the White House in the Blue Room with 13 local middle school students where they discussed issues they face at school, with their friends and at home.


“I feel today very excited and thankful because you’re here and we’re opening up the conversation. …”Thank you in advance for sharing your stories and your thoughts about your struggles and triumphs. I want to help children everywhere be their best, so with your help, we can achieve positive results.”

Melania encouraged the students to come up to the board and write an emotion they have felt lately at home or at school.

Many of the 13 children went up to the board and wrote words from “nervous” to “respected.” One student, who was very nervous for the event ended up accidentally knocking over a glass of water on his way back to the seat.

As the student apologized profusely, Melania came to his rescue and put his mind at rest. “No problem! Don’t worry! It’s just water, okay?”

The young boy was grateful for the words of encouragement and quickly headed back to his seat.

This is just a natural interaction from our wonderful First Lady who has a special place in her heart for all children!

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