After Hillary Gives Another Pathetic Speech, Kellyanne Conway Embarrasses Her

Everyone’s favorite failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was back to the speaking circuit this week, finding someone new to blame for her election loss.


This time, Clinton was speaking to students at Rutgers University about why she refuses to leave the political scene despite many calls, even from Democrats, for her to do so.

Clinton accused the media of smearing her image and the image of all strong-willed women in the public eye.

“It’s about time that women were allowed to be themselves the way men are allowed to be themselves.”

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway struck back at Clinton’s comments on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” Friday morning.

Conway urged her to move away from discussing personal issues, including the election loss, and focus instead on ways she can help contribute to America’s success as a nation.

“I don’t see her out there talking about

anything much beyond herself.”

She reminded viewers that men like John McCain and Mitt Romney also lost elections, yet didn’t go around blaming everything but themselves for their losses.

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