Trump Just Looked at Cameras and Exposed Gov. Jerry Brown’s Biggest Failure

On Tuesday afternoon, President Trump arrived at the Brown Field Municipal Landing Zone to preview the border wall prototypes in San Diego, CA.


Trump spent around an hour previewing each of the wall prototypes that had been constructed under his direction. After making comments about each one with border patrol agents, he took a few minutes to speak with the press about his thoughts.

During this time, Trump looked toward the cameras and let out his utter frustration with California Governor Jerry Brown:

“I think governor Jerry Brown has done a very poor job at running California. They have the highest taxes in the United States, the place is totally out of control. You have sanctuary cities where you have criminals living in the sanctuary cities. And then the mayor of Oakland goes in and notifies when ICE is going in to pick them up… I think the governor is doing a terrible job running the state of California.”

Trump is completely correct. Jerry Brown has done nothing to help his fellow Americans. He consistently chooses illegal immigrants over his own people. It is disgraceful!

President Trump’s trip to California shows that he cares for every American. Trump will not rest until his border wall is complete. He will continue to fight the California politicians until the entire country is safe.

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