Seconds After Trump’s First Step on CA Ground, He Looks Up to See Something Incredible

On Tuesday, President Trump departed from the White House to visit San Diego, California where he will spend only one day. The President has a full schedule to maximize his time in Southern CA. First, he plans to spend about an hour inspecting border wall prototypes which were recently completed in San Diego. Then he will speak at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. And he will end the trip by appearing at an RNC fundraiser in Beverly Hills.


Cameras documented Trump’s first step on California ground as President of the United States. And the second he stepped down from Air Force One, a huge surprise awaited him.

Waiting for him on the tarmac was a group of US Marines eager to shake the hand of their Commander and Chief. Colonel Jason Woodworth (Commanding Officer, MCAS Miramar), Sgnt. Major Michael Walton, Colonel Michael Borgschulte, and Sgnt. Major James Porterfield were there to welcome Trump into their state.

The Marines welcome him and introduce themselves, and then they walk him across the runaway to Marine One where Trump will depart to Brown Field Municipal Landing Zone to preview the border wall prototypes.

Among the liberal state of California, there are still a number of pro-Trump allies who will do whatever it takes to show our President that he is welcome in their state. Obviously, these brave military men want to show President Trump the respect that he deserves. 

This was a perfect moment captured that shows how Trump should be greeted in every state. Politics should be set aside to show respect for our nation’s leader.