After Reporter Accuses Trump of Being a Coward, Sarah Huckabee Exposes the Brutal Truth

At a White House press briefing today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to be bullied by some reporters and the entire room was stunned when she called them out on their lies.


Hypocrisy is in full swing by these reporters when they continuously blame President Trump for things that Obama himself did. And Sarah won’t let them forget it.

One reporter accused Trump of being “petrified of the NRA” after he met with NRA executives and modified his position on gun legislation.

“He hasn’t backed away from these things at all. As I just said, those things are still in the plan but you can’t make them happen with a broad stroke of the pen. You have to have some Congressional component to do these things and without that support it’s not as possible. However, we are focused on things we can do immediately.”

Then Sarah dropped a truth bomb that left everyone in the room stunned.

“Let’s not forget that the Obama administration had the White House and all of Congress for two years and never did anything. This president is actually supporting specific pieces of legislation and still laying out other possible things he would like to see, talk about, and implement but we have to do that on a state level.”

These reporters want to believe that President Trump can enact legislation without the approval of Congress but he has to work within the framework of the Constitution. They also never ask why Obama didn’t do these things when he was in control of both houses of Congress during his first two years.

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