Rep. Rooney Just Gave Robert Mueller the Worst News of His Life

We all know of the ongoing witch hunt that is the “Russia investigation” led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


This bogus excuse for an investigation has been going on for months, costing huge amounts of taxpayer dollars, and has not found a shred of evidence to suggest President Trump colluded with Russia with the 2016 election.

One man, Rep. Francis Rooney came out Thursday and revealed Mueller’s worst nightmare.

“Unfortunately for Mr. Mueller, despite his great reputation, he hasn’t found anything that we know about yet, so if they don’t find something they need to wrap it up.”

Talking to CNN, Rooney was reminded that Mueller has brought down some indictments, but Rooney reminded them that those indictments had nothing to do with what Mueller is supposed to be investigating, which is if there was actual collusion between President Trump and the Russians.

“He hasn’t found collusion or successful interference, he has just found that the Russian’s tried, and I think we need to have these sanctions that the president signed and the House and Senate passed last summer show them that there is a price for that.”

Then Rooney says the last thing Mueller wants to hear.

“He has had a lot of time, we know the Russians bought digital ads and organized protests and took a lot of actions, but we haven’t seen any evidence that it did any good.”

The American people are sick and tired of their tax dollars being wasted on this farce of an investigation.

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