Another FL Student Just Destroyed David Hogg’s Streak of Lies

You’ve likely seen the face of a particular student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School making its rounds in the media on a pretty full-time basis lately. Student David Hogg has become verified on Twitter and is a self-proclaimed gun-control activist; however, if you visit his Twitter page, you will find a plethora of misspelled words and misdirected passion.


Fellow student to Hogg, Kyle Kashuv, is criticizing Hogg for being “extremely counterproductive” to the cause.

Hogg recently told Bill Maher during an interview that the day before the White House listening session that either Trump or one of his officials called Hogg to invite him to vocalize his cause in front of President Trump, to which Hogg hung up the phone.

Hogg cited his reasoning being that they “expect Donald Trump to come to the CNN town hall,” adding that the president needs to listen to the “screams of the children,” – because apparently a personal invitation to come do exactly that is somehow ignoring the screams of children.

Kashuv tells Martha MacCallum that he is “trying to control his anger” toward Hogg, in regard to his “counterproductive” behavior when he hung up on the president and bragged about it:

“The president calls [Hogg] and it shows he wants to make a change, and you’re talking about bipartisan change and the one man who leads our nation comes to you and says ‘let’s do something, let’s make it happen.’ And you hang up on him?”

Kashuv also keeps a positive outlook toward Congress agreeing on constructive legislation as a result of the recent tragedy in Florida; not including gun control, as he deems that as equally “unproductive.” Very smart kid.

Kashuv has a very bright future if he keeps this mindset, and hopefully there are plenty of students who share his perspective.

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