Woman Who Lost Son to Opioids Just Got an Incredible Gift From President Trump

If you have lost someone to the awful tragedy of drug use, you’ll likely relate with the story of grief-stricken mother, Sue Kruczek.


On Monday, Sue Kruczek bravely took to “Fox & Friends” to tell her story in hopes that others can learn from it and change their route, so they don’t end up at the same destination that her son, Nick, tragically had. Kruczek told us that her son was the starting center on the high school hockey team as a freshman. Before his very first game, a teammate gave him a pill to calm him down.

Nick told his parents that he never again played sober. He died from an opioid overdose only five years later.

Kruczek, and other parents of opioid victims, sent letters to our President for Valentine’s Day to express love for their children and relate to Trump’s passion and heart regarding the opioid epidemic.

On Monday, Kruczek had these words for America,

“This is the biggest epidemic our nation has ever faced. Now, we know that addiction is a disease. It’s not a moral dilemma. It is a fact.”

President Trump wasted no time in responding to Kruczek with this tweet,

“Thank you to Sue Kruczek, who lost her wonderful and talented son Nick to the Opioid scourge, for your kind words while on @foxandfriends. We are fighting this terrible epidemic hard – Nick will not have died in vain!”

President Trump is passionate about addressing the opioid epidemic and preventing further tragedies from occurring, and we are sure to see some turn-around in this arena as he has fulfilled other campaign promises he had made thus far.

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