After Brutal OH Police Shooting, Trump Got the Chief on the Phone and Made a Miracle Happen

It was a tragic day in Westerville Ohio on Saturday, for two of our boys in blue and their families. Officers Eric Joering and Tony Morelli were responding to a domestic situation in the name of duty when they were shot; Joering passing away at the very scene, and Morelli passing on at the hospital.


On Sunday, President Donald Trump reached out to Ohio Governor John Kasich to send his love and support to the citizens of Ohio and reassure Ohio that they are in all of our thoughts and prayers.

President Trump tweeted out the following on Sunday afternoon,

“Just spoke to @JohnKasich to express condolences and prayers to all for the horrible shooting of two great police officers from @WestervillePD. This is a true tragedy!”

It is comforting to have a leader who views violence against his own people as a tragedy, and continues to live his campaign mantra, “Make America Great Again.”

At this time, President Trump reminds us of his vow to implement harsher punishments for those who commit acts of violence against our police officers. Our men and women in blue are not terrorists or power-hungry individuals as the mainstream media often wants to depict them as. They are defenders of justice, they are heroes, they are parents, siblings, and someone’s child.

You’ve done a great job, Officer Joering and Officer Morelli. Fly high.

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