Newt Gingrich Just Revealed Perfect Plan to Take Democrats Down, Starting With Joe Kennedy

Former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, delivered a delicious call to the action to the Republican Party, following what he believes to be a neglect on our part during the perfect opportunity.


Anyone who wasted any time listening to Joe Kennedy’s rebuttal following the President’s State of the Union address likely remembers only three things: drool, a junk car, and some idiotic rhetoric surrounding immigration reform.

And they’d be right. But among these things, he made some bold accusations toward the President, like saying that he broke the “American promise”,

“But today that promise is being broken. By an Administration that callously appraises our worthiness and decides who makes the cut and who can be bargained away.”

Gingrich, not known to shy away even during times of great boldness, delivered the following message,”

We should have been asking Kennedy, “How could you vote against tax cuts and job creation? The Ways and Means Committee has analyzed every congressional district in the country. You can go to the Ways and Means Committee website for your district. In Kennedy’s district a median-income family of four got a $5,800 tax cut. Now we should be all over him. How can he vote to take $5,800 away from a family of four in his district to send it to Washington bureaucrats? We should have used every social media tool so people watching his response were waiting for him to answer for his vote. “

Very challenging and charged verbiage from the former House Speaker. But why didn’t we react quickly and assertively?

Gingrich says:

“[Republicans] We are not tough enough, we’re not fast

enough, we don’t think aggressively enough.”

He follows this up by reminding the right not to let the left drown out your arguments for immigration reform, etc., with cries of “racism.”

Delivered beautifully, Gingrich has incited a call to the offense for all Republicans in his untamed and passionate message of honesty, and lack of tact in doing so.

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