Trump Just Turned and Gave These Hard Working Employees The Gift of a Lifetime

President Trump, along with First Lady Melania visited Sheffer Corporation today in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sheffer is a company specializing in hydraulic components and custom cylinders.


Sheffer Corporation is one of the hundreds of businesses all over America that announced $1,000 bonuses to employees as a result of the Trump tax cuts.

First Lady Melania broke off from the group to visit with children at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center while President Trump toured the Sheffer Corporation factory.

As he toured the factory, President Trump met with employees of the company who took great pride in showing him what they create every day for businesses all over the country.

Two employees showed Trump the custom cylinders they had been working on. Trump was extremely impressed and congratulated them on their incredible skills making these components.

When he turned to leave, one of the men quickly asked

Trump if he could sign his hat as a memento of his visit. Trump

was beaming with pride as he signed the man’s hat.

The Democrats in this country need to realize that the hard-working middle class of America support President Trump who continuously works hard to bring them prosperity for the future.

Can we get 10,000 SHARES for our incredible Commander in Chief?!

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