As Trump and Melania Step Off Air Force One in OH, They are STUNNED By What They See

President Trump visited Cincinnati, Ohio today where he toured Sheffer Corporation, a factory specializing in hydraulic equipment and custom cylinders,


Sheffer is one of the many companies to recently announce a $1,000 bonus for its employees as a result of the tax cuts.

When President Trump and First Lady Melania landed at the Cincinnati Municipal Airport, they were stunned by what they saw and heard as they stepped off the plane.

A large crowd had gathered on the tarmac and was chanting “USA! USA! USA!.”

The video shows Trump grinning and waving at the crowd in appreciation. Both President Trump and Melania immediately walked over and began to shake hands and greet the crowd of supporters.

Never before has a President received such fanfare from the American public whenever he goes somewhere.

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