After Signing Opioid Bill, Trump Turns to Senators and Does the INCREDIBLE

President Trump signed the Interdict Bill today in the Oval Office. This bill will help fight the opioid crisis going on around the country by allowing for better detection of dangerous drugs like Fentanyl crossing our borders.


The bill signing was a bipartisan affair with both Republican and Democrat Senators in attendance and excited for the lives that this bill could save.

Many of those in attendance chose to speak individually and thank Trump for his commitment to the opioid crisis ravaging the nation.

After Trump and the legislators spoke for the media, Trump signed the bill for all to see and then asked the group to vote on who they think should receive the pen that he signed the bill with.

The entire group from both sides of the aisle voted for Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachussetts to receive the pen.

Trump then said something that made the whole room crack up.

“I’m going to give it to a Democrat, okay. That shows you how bipartisan I am. And the Republicans told me to give it to a Democrat.”

Along with the extremely productive immigration meeting yesterday, this sort of atmosphere is going to hopefully start a new era of cooperation from Democrats in Congress to help President Trump make America great again!