Mad Dog Mattis SHUTS Liberal Reporters DOWN After They Interrupt His Press Briefing

Defense Secretary James Mattis held a press briefing last week that reporters hijacked in order to attack President Trump.


Mattis refused to fall into their trap and ended up shutting them down quite easily.

During a gaggle last Thursday, one reporter brought up Trump’s Tweet to Kim Jong-un in which he talked about his nuclear button being “bigger” and “much more powerful.” The reporter wanted to get Mattis’ view on it.

“Just staying on – going back to North Korea, the tweet from President Trump this week about him bragging about the size of his nuclear button, was that concerning to you or what was your reaction to that?”

Mad Dog tried to take the professional route and defer the question.

“My job as the secretary of defense is to make certain that we have forces ready to defend this country.”

The reporter again interjected “But with all due respect Mr. Secretary…”

Mattis was not going to let the reporter lead this discussion.

“That always preludes something that is perhaps less than due respect from you, Barbara. Go ahead, please.”

The reporter tried one more time before Mattis gave her his final, concise answer.

“Now then you’ll have to take it up with the president.”

Secretary Mattis refused to be bullied by a liberal reporter trying to get a sound-bite for the six o’clock news. He has much more important things to be dealing with!

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