After Finding Out John McCain is in Hospital, Trump Does Something NOBODY Expected

This past week, Senator John McCain was readmitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to continue his recovery from the prior cancer treatment. McCain has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy as part of his cancer treatments, and these have severely impacted his overall state of health.


He missed a full week on the Senate floor, and before his admittance on Wednesday, fellow members of the Senate have raised their concerns on McCain’s depleting energy. His colleagues have noticed that he has a much more fragile manner lately.

On Friday, when Trump learned that McCain had been readmitted, he immediately called McCain’s wife – Cindy McCain – to give the whole family his best wishes and see how everything was going. The White House reported that the President simply wanted to check up on the family and offer his well wishes.

Even among times of conflict, President Trump takes the high road. McCain has made the Trump’s presidency a long and difficult one thus far, yet Trump still has the maturity to check in on the McCain family in times of trouble. This is the perfect man to run our country.

The entire Trump family has proven their compassion and kindness – even in the face of adversity. They are role models for all Americans.

God bless them! Keep the McCain family in your prayers this Christmas!