Trump Just Humiliated John McCain in the Best Way Possible

John McCain has been anti-Trump ever since Trump won the election in 2016. He has consistently voted against policies and legislation that he promised his constituents that he would uphold.


Finally, McCain got a taste of karma on Twitter this week after sending out a tweet begging for 74 more followers to get him to the milestone of 3 million.

“We’re only 74 Twitter followers away from 3M – spread the word & help us reach this big milestone!”

Gateway Pundit first reported that instead of getting 74 more followers, McCain ended up losing over 30,000!

Early Tuesday morning McCain was already down 30,000 followers from where he was before after a massive unfollow campaign was launched with the hashtag #UnfollowMcCain spreading the message.

Twitter users took glee in watching the follower count drop drastically.

“You’ve lost 8,000 followers in the ~3 hours since you tweeted this. Your follower count, like your legacy, is circling the drain.”

“So watching John McCain lose followers in real time is way too much fun. #UnfollowMcCain Thanks for sharing @LanaLakke You can watch too!”

Then, McCain’s staff started to take notice and immediately entered into damage control mode. Gateway Pundit shared a screenshot of a “follow” campaign that was clearly full of purchased bot accounts. I wonder how much that cost them. Pathetic!

We have to ask why John McCain is spending his time worrying about the number of followers he has on social media instead of worrying about legislation President Trump is trying to get passed in Congress to help the American people.

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