During Meeting With Business Owners, One Man Hands Trump a Gift He Will NEVER Forget

President Trump held a meeting with local families and American small business owners at the White House today where he presented them with his new tax plan.


The new tax bill, which is rapidly moving its way through Congress¬† is designed to put more money in middle-class, hardworking American’s pockets and simplify their tax preparation burden each year.

One of the first owners to speak is a veteran of a manufacturing company based in Virginia who commits to hiring and assisting veterans in the work force.

He thanked President Trump for putting more funds back in the hands of the American people so that they can continue to grow the economy and bring purpose to people’s lives.

After his speech, the man reached over and grabbed something incredible that he had hand-made at his factory specifically for President Trump.

He pulled out a hand-made, hard-wood American flag designed to hang on a wall. The man said that when he launched his company two years ago he could only find wooden American flags made in China and he set out to change that.

Trump was in awe of the craftsmanship and generosity of this hard-working American who took time out of his life to make something specially for him.

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