After Jeff Flake Stabs Him in the Back, Trump Strikes Back With AWESOME Revenge

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has been a vocal opponent of President Trump for months and has ramped up his criticisms in recent weeks.


Flake has publicly come out against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore and condemned Trump’s endorsement of him.

Today, Trump got the last laugh after he made Flake sit next to him at a meeting with leaders where Trump’s speech to those in attendance almost seemed directed right at Flake.

“There’s a great spirit in the Republican Party like I’ve never seen before, like a lot of people have said they’ve never seen before.”

This was most likely a direct jab at Flake for questioning both President Trump and the Republican party, which have tremendous support country-wide.

Jeff Flake continues to denounce Republicans that support Trump yet the RNC continues to break fundraising goals and records each day.

This shows how out of touch establishment Republicans are and the exact reason we need to vote people like Jeff Flake out of office!

Do you think Trump can succeed in bringing the deep state down?

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