Sarah Begins Briefing With Heartwarming Confession That Stuns the Entire Room

On Monday afternoon, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders led the final briefing before the Thanksgiving holiday. It is no secret that the tension in the press room has been high ever since President Trump took office. Desperate reporters have constantly been on the attack mode trying to get an exciting story for their mainstream outlets.


It has been a constant battle for Sarah Sanders to keep the truth alive among a group of such biased press corps. The past few months have seen many heated arguments and passive aggressive comments. 

However, in light of the upcoming holiday, Sarah began Monday’s briefing with a message of unity. Rather than going right into questions, she listed a number of things that she personally is thankful for in her life.

“This will be our last press briefing before the Thanksgiving holiday in this room. So I want to share a few things that I’m thankful for, and I think it would be nice for you guys to do so as well before asking your questions. In all seriousness, I very thankful for my family, my faith. I’m particularly thankful for the brave men and women of the military, many of whom are away from their families during the holidays protecting the freedoms that all of us in this room and across the country enjoy. I’m thankful for the police, the firemen, and the first responders who keep us safer here at home. And I’m certainly thankful for the incredible privilege of serving this President and the American people.”

This immediately lifted the atmosphere of the room. What a remarkable idea of Sarah to have everyone say what they are thankful for prior to asking their question. 

Things like this prove that Sarah Sanders is the best press secretary the White House has seen in a long time. She knows what is important in life, and she’s not afraid to be her true and honest self.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Comment below with the things you’re thankful for this year!