President Xi Just Showed Trump How Much Respect China Has for Him 

Trump and Chinese PresidentPhoto: TheHill

Last week, while visiting game sponsor’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China three UCLA basketball players were accused of shoplifting sunglasses from a local shop.


The players, freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, were promptly arrested, questioned by police, and released to their hotel pending legal proceedings on the matter.

President Trump, who was in China at the same time as the players, heard about the issue and immediately called Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss the matter and how it could be resolved.

“They are working on it right now.”

Trump’s negotiations worked and the three basketball players were confirmed on a flight back to the United States Tuesday morning by a Delta spokesperson.

This is the second time in a very short period we have seen President Trump quickly handle diplomatic incidents with other countries. It proves just how good of a negotiator we elected to run this country!

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