After Chelsea Handler Slams Roy Moore, She Gets Destroyed by the TRUTH

Comedian Chelsea Handler got a rude awakening last week after she showed her hypocrisy on Twitter by bashing Roy Moore.


“Imagine being molested by an older man. Then that man denies ever doing it and then goes on and gets elected to United States Senate. What kind of message does that send to young girls everywhere? And men to all the men who abuse women?”

Handler was referring to the recent allegations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore (R-AL) who is being accused of sexual encounters with underage girls in the 1970s.

Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who has accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her while he was Arkansas Attorney General destroyed Handler on Twitter for the double standards liberals show with regard to these allegations.

“Yeah, @chelseahandler I can imagine. I was raped by the Arkansas AG who then becomes Governor & President and NBC held my interview explaining the rape until after his impeachment hearing. But I’m sure you don’t want to go there.”

Broaddrick tried to get the world to listen to her claims that she was raped by Bill Clinton in 1978 but Democrats didn’t want to hear about sexual assault claims at that time.

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