After WaPo Smears Roy Moore’s Name, He Strikes Back With Their Worst Nightmare

Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican Senate candidate has been smeared over the past week in the media after it was revealed in a Washington Post article that a young woman was accusing Moore of inappropriate advances when she was 14 years-old.


Without any proof, Moore has been dragged through the mud by the Post. It was revealed this weekend that the author of the article allegedly pressured the young woman to come forward with the accusations, which some are calling a “witch hunt” right before an important Senate race.

“These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign. … this garbage is the very definition of fake news.”

Moore came out swinging this weekend and let the public know that the allegations are not true and that he will be suing the Washington Post in the coming days.

“The Washington Post published another attack on my character and reputation because they are desperate to stop my political campaign. These attacks said I was with a minor child and are false and untrue – and for which they will be sued.”

The Washington Post has not responded to Moore’s announcement. Do you think they will issue a retraction?

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